Your claims are our concern!

By recognizing the key aspects of the claim management and claim settlement processes, we offer you the skilled expertise that you deserve, just when you need it most.

About Us

We brought together a team of dedicated specialists that can provide you with legally sound claim management. Our primary area of expertise includes, but is not limited to, the settlement of claims in connection with Green Cards, the Fourth Motor Insurance Directive, national vehicle claims and transport claims.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is a very simple one: to represent your interests. Only by settling your claim can we say that we have fulfilled our mission. We are driven to advance the practice of claim management and claim settlement, thus making this process simpler and more efficient for everyone.





Why Gortyna?

As a client-centric company, we have created a network of legal specialists, court and other experts with the aim of justifying your trust.





What we do?

We study supporting documentation, look into and assess losses, manage claims, and pursue recovery proceedings for financial claims, property and casualty claims, and personal injury cases as part of our claims services





Why we do it?

Well, someone has to do it! And who better to do it than people who have dedicated themselves to it and who have turned their personal mission of helping others into a common mission for many?




Claims Services

Our claims service portfolio, which is focused on companies, consists of investigation, inspection, settlement, and resource management for property, financial, and personal injury losses.

Legal expertise


The list of our clients includes insurance and reinsurance companies; national insurers’ bureaus; guarantee funds; insurance brokers; social security insurers; local governments; companies that provide transportation; leasing and car rental companies; as well as automakers and retailers.


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