Claims Services

Your international claims are investigated and settled by Gortyna. Our claims service portfolio, which is focused on companies, consists of investigation, inspection, settlement, and resource management for property, financial, and personal injury losses.


We can help you with motor vehicle claims by analyzing claims for damages arising from personal injury cases as well as property and financial losses. Additionally, we evaluate their legality in light of the relevant legislation and, if necessary, engage outside specialists.


We examine the merits and amounts of claim statements for medical treatment received, hospitalization, medication, and medical evacuation. When we resolve disputes, we make sure that valid claims for reimbursement are satisfied while also dismissing unfounded and uncovered claims (if required, through legal action). We seek reimbursement from the responsible party’s insurer, or social security for the medical expenses suffered.


We evaluate the accident’s facts, especially in the context of a potential release from your responsibility to indemnify, and if necessary, consult with outside experts. We also audit pensions granted for permanent invalidity and look into the possibility of reclaiming recoverable payments. We settle claims by denying unfounded and unjustified claims (possibly through legal action) and ensuring that legitimate claims for reimbursement are realized.


We assess the merits of claims for damages arising from property damage, personal injury, or monetary losses while taking the applicable law into consideration and, if needed, engaging other specialists. When we resolve disputes, we make sure that valid claims for compensation are honored while also dismissing unjustified and uncovered claims (if required, through legal action).

Legal expertise

The first thing we consider is an out-of-court settlement of the claim. By examining medical expert opinions, cost estimates, repair invoices, etc., we gather and investigate the facts relevant to incidents of personal injury, property damage, and monetary losses.