Claim Stories

Here you will find all of Gortyna’s claims stories from our practice. These are the most interesting cases that we have worked on so far.

Damage to goods due to migrants entering the trailer

It is not that rare that our clients come to us with claims regarding thecontinue reading >>>

A collision between vehicles and wild animals on the roads in the Czech Republic

Winter brings not only worse driving conditions in the form of fog, snow, and icecontinue reading >>>

Compensation for damages from the correspondent

Compensation for damages from the correspondent is a rather common situation when dealing with internationalcontinue reading >>>

Force majeure and damages to the trailer and goods

Here at Gortyna, we take pride in all the claims that we settle. However, partcontinue reading >>>

Claim compensation for missing shipment of almonds

In a dispute with a Polish carrier company over a lost shipment, Gortyna represented acontinue reading >>>