The non-exhaustive list of our clients includes insurance and reinsurance companies; national insurers’ bureaus; guarantee funds; insurance brokers; social security insurers; local governments; companies that provide transportation; leasing and car rental companies; as well as automakers and retailers.



Insurance companies

Insurance companies by nature can have a lot of claims caused by their insureds in foreign countries (most often in MTPL insurance when traveling abroad). This is why the Green Card system was established many decades ago. As a specialist in foreign claims settlement, we assist foreign insurers in Serbia and the region in settling claims that have occurred in Serbia or that involve damaged parties from Serbia. In this way, foreign insurers can be sure that the claim will be thoroughly investigated and regulated in the proper way according to domestic rules and court practices. In the existing system of Green Card insurers, correspondents usually deal with these cases without enough commitment and attention, causing more costs to responsible insurers. Here at Gortyna, we spend more time and attention on every claim, saving time and money for responsible insurers.

Reinsurance companies

Although reinsurance companies often have long-term contracts with their partners (insurance companies), our experience with specific risks in the region can be helpful when making decisions. Through dealmaking, the underwriting skills that Gortyna members have combined with the knowledge of outside specialists can produce a win-win situation for reinsurers.

Transportation companies

With many vehicles on the road 24/7, there are a lot of cases when transportation companies need our services. From simple traffic accidents (both when our clients sustained damage or caused damage) to more complex cases of damaged goods during transport (claims based on the CMR Convention), Gortyna experts can assist. Traffic violations, especially in foreign countries, can cause high costs for transportation companies (most often caused by drivers). In our former work, we managed to establish cooperation with a large number of transportation companies

Insurance brokers

As an intermediary who sells, solicits, or negotiates insurance on behalf of a client with multiple insurers, insurance brokers are one of the most important pieces when talking about insurance claims handling and settlement. Although they are part of our client list, we think of them more as partners with the same goal in mind: to provide the best possible protection for the insured. Together with insurance brokers, we work on claims in order to assure fair compensation.