A supercell storm hit Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, causing exceptional material damage

Last night, a supercell storm hit Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, causing exceptional material damage and, unfortunately, several deaths.

The scenes from the region this morning are apocalyptic, from smashed cars, collapsed buildings, downed trees, and broken glass, all the way to downed cranes.

What creates additional concern is the meteorologist’s announcement that the region will be hit by another storm today afternoon. That’s why we bring you instructions on what to do and what not to do during these storms:

Hazards during storms include:

  • very strong winds,
  • heavy and abundant rainfall,
  • lightning strikes,
  • possible hail.

During strong storms, the following measures should be taken if you are in an open area:

  • secure all objects that can fly away due to strong wind or heavy rain and cause material damage or injury to citizens,
  • secure windows and exterior doors and close all interior doors,
  • avoid contact with kitchen and bathroom taps, radiators and other metal objects, as they will corrode the conductors.

If you are outdoors, follow these instructions:

  • stay away from any tall structures (masts, poles, towers), and keep in mind that the safe distance is equal to the height of the structure,
  • avoid tall trees, fences, telephone cables, and power lines,
  • try to find shelter in a building or in a car, and if that is not possible, sit on the ground,
  • avoid standing near buildings or cars that you cannot enter as cover,
  • if you are in the forest, take cover under the branches of low trees – never stand under tall trees in the open,
  • avoid the boundary between forest and open space, rather enter the forest,
  • avoid open fields, hilltops and mountaintops, banks, ditches or other wet places,
  • do not cross the water, do not swim,
  • do not hold an umbrella or other metallic conductive objects in your hands (golf clubs, fishing rods, etc.),
  • avoid being near metal objects, bicycles, camping equipment and the like,
  • do not stand upright, squat or at least bend down, without touching the ground with your hands, and if you are in a group keep a distance of 5 meters between you.

If you find yourself in a car during a severe storm:

  •  stop the car on the side of the road away from power lines and trees that may fall on the car,
  • stay in your car and turn on your side lights until the storm passes,
  • close the windows and do not touch metal objects in the car,
  • avoid flooded roads.

Gortyna remains at your disposal for any claims that you might have caused by these storms.